List of artifacts

I have listed the following FOL artifacts in the order of time from the oldest to the newest and added undated items to the end of the list. I hope this list will help further investigators in finding out more details of the objects. The origin and history of the listed artifacts can reveal more about the history of the FOL itself.

On picture descriptions I'm going to tell shortly where these objects can be found, the dating of the objects and sometimes other additional notes, links and references. It is very probable that more objects with the FOL symbol attached on them will be found in the future. Think of approximately half a million clay tablets that have been excavated from the Near East so far. Reading, cataloging and interpreting them is still considered to be in its infancy. Many times more tablets are supposed to hide under the desert sands1. Same applies to treasures in Egypt. Maybe thousands of relating objects are in private collections around the world waiting to see the daylight some day in the future. Many museums don't have online picture collections of their objects yet but are constantly doing work to get information open for public.

Only when individuals and researchers have this particular subject on their mind, they may pay attention to the FOL geometry on artifacts. For example, the silver goblet (pic. 6.1.9) in the Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm was found only when I realized, that the FOL can be seen from the bottom or the underside of the object. When I saw an attracting silver item in the museum glass vitrine, my first thing to do was to peek inside it. It was truly amazing to see the perfect FOL appearing there right under my eyes.

2000 BC - 0 AD

Item Location Date
Gold foils Mycenae, Greece 1600 BC
Wooden cosmetic boxes Thebes, Egypt 1492 - 1473 BC
Silver gazelle cup Iran 1000 BC
Gold and silver goblets Marlik, Northern Iran 1400 – 1100 BC
Ivory whorls Cyprus 1600 - 1100 BC
Phoenician bowl Levant 850 BC
Idalion cup Cyprus 800 – 700 BC
Oval pyxis Nimrud 800 – 700 BC
Terracotta torsos Greece & Cyprus 700 BC
Ivory tusk Nimrud 800 - 700 BC
Ivory plaque Nimrud 800 - 700 BC
Bronze vessel Nimrud 700 BC
Stone floor sills Northern Iraq 645 BC
Silver beaker Near East 600 – 500 BC
Cave arches Maharashtra, India 200 – 100 BC
Opus signinum Caminreal, Spain 200 - 100 BC
Floor mosaic Ephesus, Turkey 100 BC
Floor mosaic Cyprus 75 – 50 BC
Floor mosaic Israel 20 BC

0 AD - 2000 AD

Item Location Date
Mosaic floor Pompeii, Italy 100 BC - 200 AD
Floor mosaic Masada, Israel 30 BC – 70 AD
Mosaic floor Seville, Spain 100 AD
Temple stele Córdoba, Spain 100 - 500 AD
Floor mosaics Besancon, France 123 BC – 486 AD
Floor mosaic Kabile, Bulgaria 400 AD
Silver bowl Near East 400 – 500 AD
Ruin wall paintings Qasr al-Hair ash-Sharqi, Syria 729 AD
Cosmati pavement London, England 1268 AD
Byzantine ruins Deir Seta, Syria 1400 AD
Hampi pillar India 1400 AD
Ottoman cemetery decorations Izmir, Turkey 1400 AD
Castle of Rozmberk Czech Republic 1400 - 1600 AD
Codex Atlanticus folio 307v Italy 1500 AD
Stone inscriptions Bulgaria 1600 AD


Item Location Date
Abydos wall Egypt BC, AD
Assyrian wall decoration Near East BC
Chapel lunette Patmos, Greece AD
Fu Dog sphere Shanghai, China AD
Giant urn Beijing, China AD
Marble floor decoration Amritsar, India AD
Jewish painting - AD